Picnic Party


I believe that style doesn’t always mean having to follow a trend but I can’t deny that once they hit the high street, it’s easy to be influenced. What I do love about a trend is that as soon as something goes out of style, it comes back around somehow.

That’s why recycling items can be so great – even if you are hoarding clothes in your wardrobe. The gingham checks are back and my first initial thought was ‘will I look like I’m wearing a picnic blanket as soon as I put on the chequered pattern?’ well I suppose I would if I was wearing a huge poncho that resembled a blanket but if I pull together an actual outfit, it might look quite cool. I have to put aside these doubts when it comes to fashion because if you’re not bold, you don’t create your own individual style.

Instead of buying a new gingham top off the rack at Topshop, (may I add as much as I loved it) I decided to save the pennies and return to my jacket collection and find a classic tailored blazer instead. Tailoring is one of my favourite things, so I’m heading with my black and white checks ready to join the picnic party this spring.


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