Say it with a slogan …



Fashion week recently showcased the slogan tee on the runway and we’re back to communicating our style across our chest again.

I remember how controversial the French Connection t-shirts were back in the day because they played on the FCUK lingo. However, I must say I did wear one with pride accompanied by khaki pants  because it made the statement everyone was talking about.

It seems 2017 is no different. We want to have something to say and we want to do it through clothing.

I’m jumping on the bandwagon… I have badges all over my jeans ala Topshop and my slogan is Calvin Klein Jeans.

I love taking on a trend and recycling items in my wardrobe and this CK t-shirt is a perfect take on the slogan. I might not be saying anything meaningful but I think my jeans say it all…

To complete the look, I’ve added a blazer and a pair of high heels (can’t resist a bit of tailoring!)

Even if you don’t have something to say with your clothing, let your style speak about you this month!


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