Walking on the Wild Side…

Leopard print makes me feel quite nostalgic and takes me back to being a 10 year old girl where I was dancing in front of the mirror to ‘Wanabee’ from the Spice girls. Well if it was cool enough for Mel B,  then why not!

I usually like to experiment with the trend in small doses, whether it is a small clutch bag or a design on a t-shirt. However this year, leopard is back in full force and Zara had just the item of clothing that I couldn’t keep on the shelf.

It’s what I would call a trophy jacket – a stand out item that defines your outfit instantly.

As much as my heart pulled me to the jacket, I did hesitate slightly … I started to think, OMG am I going to look like Bet Lynch from Corrie? Or Kat Slater from Eastenders? Well unless my hair is on top of my head, I’m sporting massive hoop earrings or a tight mini skirt, I think my style reputation is safe.

I put the doubts to the back of mind and kept my outfit simple. I paired it with CK jeans a Cos t-shirt and a great pair of ankle boots, ala Zara too.

I thought it was time I revealed my wild side.  A zigazig ah!leopard


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