My secret party trick is the moonwalk …

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I’m a bit brand obsessed, well especially when it comes to Michael Kors anyway and I bought these brogues about a year ago. What I have learnt about fashion over the years, is that you need a lot of self-confidence to pull off certain looks. It’s not always about whether you are completely on trend or if your outfit is perfect, it’s about whether it works for you.

Fashion has definitely helped improve my self-confidence and sometimes you have to be bold and daring and take that risk.

I took a risk with these brogues, especially as I’m a girl who doesn’t usually opt for flat shoes as a choice of footwear! Something drew me in and I think it was maybe the unnecessary amount of bling!

I chose to wear them to work one day and the comments ranged a plenty, from that they looked like golf shoes, to whether I was about to moon walk down the office like the late Michael Jackson himself!

At first it’s tough to take, as you have spent hours oozing over your wardrobe and constructing a look that you think is completely on point. After the comments, I unfortunately did what every girl has done when they got made fun out of at school for being a bit different. I put the shoes back in the box and hid them away, hoping I wouldn’t have to reach for them again anytime soon.

It was only when I was looking through my shoe collection one day, (yes that it a nice little afternoon activity for me) that I found the shiny brogues in all their glory underneath the Topshop heels that had been placed above them in the hierarchy.

It dawned on me. These brogues need to be worn. The reason you bought them wasn’t just because they were from a favourite American designer, but because you thought that they were exceptionally cool and kind of outrageous! So I took my look even more to the extreme and wore them with my black & white stripe trousers. After all, if people were going to call me Michael Jackson, I might as well look the part!



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