Colour Pop



I love colour and prints on the hanger but often feel like if I wear them, someone is pointing a big foam finger at me saying, stop and look. Of course, that’s the reason you purchase them right? To stand out?

I’ve often battled with self confidence and found that over the years, fashion has inspired me to build my own identity.

I still have my moments, I mean don’t we all? But for me it’s learning how to get past what other people think of your look and turn the thought process around to think, actually what do I think?

It’s great to follow trends and I think to a point we are all influenced by them whether it be something as simple as building a silhouette, a colour of the season or a new pair of shoes.

I recently went out for dinner with a friend, which soon turned into a couple of cocktails. I’d decided to go for the tailored look (I do like being smart) and I opted for my new trousers I’d purchased. A bright red cigarette pant from Topshop.

Red seems to be one of the few bright colours that I feel comfortable wearing so I teamed them with a black sequin vest and a grey blazer. A new alternative to my trusty black tuxedo jacket..

I felt confident before I left the house and knew that the combination worked for me but it wasn’t until I walked into a busy bar that I felt on display. I met with a couple of other friends who were wearing the ‘typical LBD’ so all of a sudden I felt like I had become the ‘odd one out’.

This mindset takes me back to being at school, where sometimes you felt like you didn’t fit in.

I couldn’t believe as a 25 year old woman, I felt this way. I was with good friends too – so there was no need for me to feel inferior…

When I sat down and thought about it the next day, I realised that the outfit I was wearing defined who I was. I could have worn an LBD, but why should I conform to looking the same as everyone else?

Each outfit brings out your personality and represents how you feel that day. So I will continue to wear that colour pop with pride!


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