The Juxtaposition 

How fashion can be classed as a shallow industry but it gives me the confidence to be me.  I think in a world defined by materialism, social media addiction and gaining gratification from likes we can all agree that we experience insecurities and can often feel like we are trying to compete.  I make no... Continue Reading →


Nostalgic dreams

Is there ever going to be a time when an item of clothing in your wardrobe doesn’t have a nostalgic reference?

Florals for Spring…groundbreaking!

Meryl Streep once said the above phrase when she played the feisty editor in the Devil Wears Prada but sometimes a fashion cliché is good. I find I continue to build up my self esteem with the outfits I pull together. I recently opted for this floral dress from Topshop and pondered whether it was... Continue Reading →

Picnic Party

  I believe that style doesn’t always mean having to follow a trend but I can’t deny that once they hit the high street, it’s easy to be influenced. What I do love about a trend is that as soon as something goes out of style, it comes back around somehow. That’s why recycling items... Continue Reading →

Say it with a slogan …

Fashion week recently showcased the slogan tee on the runway and we're back to communicating our style across our chest again. I remember how controversial the French Connection t-shirts were back in the day because they played on the FCUK lingo. However, I must say I did wear one with pride accompanied by khaki pants ... Continue Reading →

Walking on the Wild Side…

Leopard print makes me feel quite nostalgic and takes me back to being a 10 year old girl where I was dancing in front of the mirror to ‘Wanabee’ from the Spice girls. Well if it was cool enough for Mel B,  then why not! I usually like to experiment with the trend in small... Continue Reading →

Colour Pop

I love colour and prints on the hanger but often feel like if I wear them, someone is pointing a big foam finger at me saying, stop and look. Of course, that’s the reason you purchase them right? To stand out?

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